Miracles at Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Healing School


God is merciful and kind. He longs to see His children well and healthy. God’s love, without a doubt, is manifested. Like they were not there diverse kinds of diseases and sicknesses vanish away, which is by the miracle-working energy at Jesus’ Name.

Fide James is just one of many who’ve come from God needing a divine touch to the Pastor Chris Oyakhilome‘s Healing School. Like many others, she was desperate for an end. The diagnosis has been systemic lupus erythematosus, an autoimmune disorder which causes the body.

“It started in 2012 with the swelling of my feet and pain in the knee joints,” said Fide. When initial medication didn’t bring any relief, she went to the hospital where a thorough examination revealed that she was suffering from the dreaded disease. The condition was manageable until 2015, when all medication became ineffective.

The situation rapidly worsened after that, “My joints became so painful and I was so weak that I struggled to do most things like sitting, standing, taking my bath or getting dressed or even brushing my teeth. I couldn’t cook or go shopping because I couldn’t carry a shopping basket or push a trolley. I got tired very easily. I had to eat lying down. Sometimes, I slept seated because it hurt to lay in the bed,” she explained.

“I lost 10kg in 4 months because I’d lost my appetiteI couldn’t concentrate, and my performance at work dropped. I couldn’t do anything without the medication. I had to take 10 tablets each day to try and stabilize my body. I couldn’t even picture a normal life anymore,” she pointed out as she revealed the extent of her ordeal. Fide began to despair at her predicament, wondering if there would ever be an end.

When Fide heard about the Healing School, she decided that it was time to cause a change. Her determination paid off, and Fide testified of her experience at the Healing School. She narrated, “While I was still going through the classes, I stopped taking pain killers. I could stand and dance during the sessions. I had indescribable energy, so much that I had to either walk very fast or run, which was just unlike me.

“The day I was completely healed was very memorable for me. I fell under the power and I knew then that I had gotten it! I got up and started running like I hadn’t in a long time, shouting ‘I’m healed!’”

Fide is completely healed. “It’s been over a year now. I’m healthy and strong. I live a very normal life. I cook, drive, work, shop, wear heels, and do all those things I couldn’t do. I’ve gained my weight back. I even got married! Glory to God!


The 2017 Healing School Summer Session is the answer to the prayers of many. Registration is ongoing and the session will commence on Friday, July 28th, in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. For more information, download the Healing School Mobile App or visit, or send an email to



Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Hosts International Music Concert in Nigeria

The 8th edition of the International Music Concert (IMC) by Christ Embassy  The host Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome, President and Founder of Christ Embassy, welcomed the over-20,000 live crowd with participants drawn from all of the world to the highly- anticipated event on Sunday, June 25th 2017 in the esteemed Loveworld Convocation Arena, Lagos, Nigeria. The participants experienced an concert which has been a source of joy and upliftment in past editions.
The auditorium was resplendent with lights of all kinds and the event kicked off with a lively session of prayers. A culture of Christ Embassy is the explicit display of excellence and imagination delivered through Music and Arts. As the concert progressed diverse music and arts presentations greeted the audience; thrilling performances that enraptured the attention of attendees. The costumes were remarkable and a perfect match for every single art and music rendition.
This edition of the IMC featured oustanding music presentations from Believers ‘Loveworld such as more, and Sinach, Eben Jahdiel Powerful from a harvest of multiple award-winning artistes. There was excitement throughout the auditorium with shouts of rejoicing as the crowd sang along with the artistes.
From dance to rap, worship, solo, duet, spoken word, the artistes delivered performances that would be remembered for quite a long time. “Beautiful idea and everything excellently directed! We had all kinds of emotions: joy, teary eyes, we laughed, sometimes we prayed, sometimes we only prophesied,” exclaimed Pastor Chris.
The concert came to a climax with distinctive pronouncements of success, prosperity and blessings and a joyous celebration of of the artistes .
It was a memorable experience in sights and sounds; a night of laughter worship and music that is awe-inspiring.





NEW Pastor Chris TV to Launch SOON!

Exciting news about the followers of the famous Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Pastor Chris, along with Benny Hinn will collaborate on a new Evangelical TV which will be launched this summer in the USA.

Watch the video below:












The Trauma Care International Foundation is Saving People’s Lives Via Costless Well-being Promotio

Wellness is a state of total physical, mental and social wellness;therefore not merely the absence of frailty. This is the definition provided by the World Health Organisation, and in light of this, the Trauma Care International Foundation,part of the Healing School regularly conducts the ‘Health for All’ program – a memorable meeting for education in healthiness and endorsing vigorous style of living in picked out regional communities.

Participants were also guided on the steps that were proper to take to foster the prevention and management of high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. Advice was also received by them on the advantages of good and exercise nutrition. Following the consultation with medical staff, several received free drugs and referrals were made to government hospitals for care that was ongoing, where needed.

On behalf of his constituents, Doctor Arogundade, the Chairperson of the Local Council Development Area, indicated his thanks for the effort to enhance the quality of life for the beneficiaries of the Well-Being for All plan to the NGO.

One of the communities that have gained from this plan is the Okeodo Neighborhood Council Development Region in Lagos State, Nigeria. All screening evaluations were performed at no cost to the occupiers.

After Health Restoration A Woman Is Free To Live Afresh

68-year-old Magidi had become knowledgeable about discomfort in her lifestyle and the presiding pain. She suffered from several conditions including high blood pressure and arthritis. Because of this, she experienced weakness and pain in her thighs; walking became hard for her and she had to utilize a wheel chair for mobility. One glorious day, her mind was composed by her to get a change, and she was brought by this desire to the Healing School.

Then, I was told by among my customers in regards to the Healing College and that I knew this might function as the place of my healing. I believed the Spirit of God, as the Healing School was entered by me and I knew I had come to the proper location. The man of God put fingers on me, the day, it was a wonder. I recall him declaring to me , although I don’t know what occurred when I was touched by him, like I’d never completed before in addition to I leaped. That was the end-of using a wheelchair. Two days after so, I travelled to get a check up and I was licensed sure. My wonder all s O amazed individuals around me. , and so I went to see him my brother was sick one time. Recalling that the healing anointing is carried by me, he and I embraced carefully. The next day, he began strolling and got up! I have the lifestyle of God in me, I’m a healer and that I may do everything now. Hallelujah!”

Stella tells her narrative ; “One evening, I dropped from a train. I didn’t know when I started having difficulties with walking, there was something wrong with me till about two years later. I sensed in my joints for a great deal of soreness and I had been informed I couldn’t wander that I’d need a wheelchair to move about after I tried to get medical assistance. The information made my heart heavy as it meant I could no longer fight as the bread-winner for my family. For nine years, I travelled to various areas searching for assistance, but I didn’t get any. I started to despair and that I prayed to God to take my life.

Lord continues to be working miracles as well as the 2017 Recovery School Autumn Treatment is God arrangement to generally meet with the requirements of 1000 around the entire world.

The Age Of Being Prosperous

From Rev. Dr Chris Oyakhilome, DSc, D.D, teacher, pastor, therapeutic minister, television host and best selling author, comes a unique concept for the year 2017, the Year of Booming.

Are you currently looking for courage hope and faith to triumph over your circumstances that are present? Do you seek advice, wisdom and information on how to journey in your lifetime? The Year of Flourishing is replete with God blessings for you as well as your loved ones and is a a vintage for every one aspiring to some greater life.

Our Goal Is to Honor the Creator, Not the Created


The Bible and the history surrounding it contains so many valuable stories that sometimes we can forget some of the most vibrant and powerful ones. Thus, while studying another topic during my time at Christ Embassy, I happened across the most awesome narrative of Abraham, the man the Bible designates as God’s friend and also the father of all who believe. I thought you could possibly enjoy it, too. Our scriptures introduce us to this recognizable figure in lots of our Sunday school stories as Abram, and it’s recorded in many of the ancient records that are Jewish, while the subsequent story can’t be seen in our Bibles. Continue reading Our Goal Is to Honor the Creator, Not the Created

Two Thousand-Year-Old Jesus Inscriptions: Fake, or Actual?



Fresh news from Pastor Chris and Christ Embassy:

Biblical archaeological discoveries are generally contentious. One of the newest finds is no exception. Recent tests conducted on some lead tablets discovered in a Jordanian cavern in 2008 make many Christians hopeful and some, a bit doubtful. Why the skepticism? Questionable claims before have caused the public to demand scientific proof and strong evidence. Continue reading Two Thousand-Year-Old Jesus Inscriptions: Fake, or Actual?

Fixed of Schizophrenia and Psychosis by Christ Embassy: Athule Testifies


Athule Apleni, a youthful and energetic student started losing his thoughts until his family determined to have him checked and acting towards everyone without. The analysis revealed that he was harassed with schizophrenia and psychosis. The state progressed, as the years wore on, which, consequently, changed his education and power to speak with people. To the Healing School of Christ Embassy, he was brought by Athule’s daddy in the expectation of having his son restored to him. Continue reading Fixed of Schizophrenia and Psychosis by Christ Embassy: Athule Testifies