Our Goal Is to Honor the Creator, Not the Created


The Bible and the history surrounding it contains so many valuable stories that sometimes we can forget some of the most vibrant and powerful ones. Thus, while studying another topic during my time at Christ Embassy, I happened across the most awesome narrative of Abraham, the man the Bible designates as God’s friend and also the father of all who believe. I thought you could possibly enjoy it, too. Our scriptures introduce us to this recognizable figure in lots of our Sunday school stories as Abram, and it’s recorded in many of the ancient records that are Jewish, while the subsequent story can’t be seen in our Bibles.

Jewish tradition holds that Abram proved to be a mere kid when he began questioning the validity of these idols that his family and also the nearby culture worshiped as gods. It is said that young Abram once got a hammer while his daddy started smashing all these idols and was away, except for the biggest one. He placed the hammer in the idol’s hand and left this one standing. Upon his return, his dad started to challenge the young kid and found the pandemonium. Abram clarified that the large idol had smashed all of others. Indignant, the older man told his son that they both knew the idol could do no such thing.

The story goes that young Abram said, “Why then, do we worship them?”

Why, really. Why would anyone fail the Creator behind it and worship the things around them all? Ouch. Many people come to the church where I, Pastor Chris, serve as Reverend, and seem to make the same mistake: I make it myself as well. We must always be conscious that the sole purpose of worship is to honor our one true Lord.

Those same Jewish records say Abram came to consider there was One God over all instead of worshiping the many gods of his people. We just see God’s word telling him strike out for the unknown and to leave everything familiar and coming to this man.

As sketchy as that opening sounds, it has God’s signature move all over it.

God and His existence never question with anyone. He only states that He is, that He has given evidence of Himself in the planet around us and in our individual heart of hearts. The sole thing is to recognize His power in what promises to be a need to know type of relationship and follow him.

Turns out, Abraham’s divine invitation is the same as yours and mine. It’s our reply that makes us …or breaks us. We must focus on God, not on the things of this world.


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