Christians Persecuted Under Chinese Rule

Why have underground churches have been turned to by several Christians in China?

Would Jesus be a member of the Chinese Communist Party, if he was alive today? The Chinese Communist Party tried to destroy religion. It failed. But what it failed to ruin, the Party still desires to control. So, its own churches are effectively run by an officially atheist authorities and commands the appointment of its priests.      chinamapl

Up to 100 million people will be worshipping Chris across China this Easter weekend.But the Chinese authorities supervises the appointment of priests. In the last two years, the authorities say they have been striving to produce their own, unique variant of Christian Religion, a Christian theology that is Chinese according to one leading official. This kind of theology needs to be compatible with China’s political development, which really means it will be subservient to it. The remark is the ideal example of the latest grand strategy for spiritual belief of the Communist Party.

China’s government continues to be tightening its grip lately, and crosses have been removed from churches. Not everybody is ready to sign up for this, needless to say. In this view of religion then it is not difficult to see even Jesus finds himself being welcomed into the Communist fold.

There are 100s of unofficial home churches in the town of Beijing. Attendees face the constant threat of harassment detention. In one such church, Inside a small, crowded apartment, an organization of 10 folks examines the Bible and sing hymns.

But in several ways, even the house churches have much more liberty than would have now been imaginable 40 years ago. And as with many points in cycles of repression, China and repression is comparative, it comes and it goes.

Individuals who pray at home churches confront many risks, including detention I choose to lead a Christian life within the law, Pastor Wu, leader of a private church in Beijing says. Chairman Mao may have failed to ruin the church, but the modern Communist goverment went one better, it’s succeeded in co-opting it. For a government whose over-riding issue is the prevention of unrest and mass assembly, this repression really is the perfect, textbook response.

…You can learn more about religion and current events by going here.


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