Chris Oyakhilome’s Healing Touch Helps a Blind Woman Experience the Sight of God


The word of God is living and active; touching lives and changing destinies. The Healing School of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, has provided an atmosphere for the miraculous.

55-year-old Maria Musasiwa is one of those who experienced God’s goodness at the Healing School. Her life seemed to be going just fine, until she started having difficulty seeing with her right eye. Not long after, she completely lost vision in that eye.

It was a sad moment for Maria when a visit to the hospital revealed that she was suffering from diabetes, hypertension, cataract and glaucoma. This news not only affected her state of mind, but also the quality of her work; it became a struggle for Maria to carry out her responsibilities as a midwife. Hence, she required the aid of others for her regular daily activities.


Several attempts made to recover her sight did not succeed, and it was in a state of depression and yearning that she came to the Healing School. The day the man of God, Pastor Chris, ministered to her was a day she had longed for; she regained her sight after a amazing experience. She says, “While I was at the Healing School, I heard many new things. I heard words that strengthened me and encouraged me to set my gaze on the Lord. On the day of the healing service, I was assured in my heart that this was the last day of sickness in my life. The man of God got to me and laid hands on. I haven’t been sick since then; I am perfectly fit and healthy. I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. Those who knew what life was like for me when I was sick have come to believe in God wholeheartedly because they witnessed my miracle. Hallelujah!”


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